☘️We are deeply attached to the tradition of respect for the environment and, whenever possible, try to make our contribution to support at all levels, from informing the staff, hotel guests and their involvement in the environmental protection process. From the very design of the hotel, we calculated all possible options for the most reasonable use of construction materials.

Management👩🏽‍💻 is trained and focused on:

– Informing the hotel and restaurant personnel on this issue and their involvement in the environmental protection process

– Informing hotel guests on these issues

– Water saving 💦

– Energy Saving 🔌💡 Between 25 and 40% of electricity bills in hotels are usually spent on lighting. The easiest and most affordable step to reduce energy costs is to install energy-saving equipment. These can be presence and motion detectors, twilight switches, energy-saving lamps, which not only significantly reduce operating costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

– Reduced waste volume

– The use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

We also:

1) Used natural materials in construction and in the interior design.

2) Full glazing of the façade was installed, modern windows with multi-chamber double-glazed windows and sashes, with increased thermal resistance, for exceptional visual comfort, a high level of natural light and accumulation of solar radiation.

3) Use energy efficient luminaires that reduce power consumption and load on the air conditioning system

4) Installed energy-saving LED lamps on all five floors. Experts estimate that the savings can be from 40 to 80% of costs, since these lamps have low energy consumption compared to conventional and fluorescent lamps. They are more durable (service life – up to 50,000 hours or 15 years), have protection against voltage surges and do not flicker, they are environmentally friendly (do not contain mercury, no problems with disposal).

5) The electricity supply in the room can be controlled by an intelligent energy-saving device, which is triggered by a key card for electronic locks. This device guarantees that, leaving the room, the guest does not leave any electrical appliances turned on, and allows to save up to 30-40% of electricity in the rooms.

6) Only environmentally friendly detergents and household chemicals are used

7) In order to save energy in rooms that are not occupied by guests, the power of the heating system is always set to the minimum value

8) We do not use plastic bottles (only glassware)

9) Disposable consumables in rooms are made of corn (biodegradable material) 🌽


10) We use only soap, shampoo and shower gel dispensers (we do not use plastic jars)

11) We ask guests to support our initiative and try to use laundry with care to reduce the number of washings

12) Also, hotel guests can make an additional contribution to a sustainable future. If they ask not to clean their room every day by hanging a sign on the door, then they will be given a special voucher that gives a discount at the restaurant

13) Introduced separate collection and sorting of waste (plastic, paper, polyethylene)

14) Used masks and other personal protective equipment are disposed of according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health by a specially trained employee

15) We regularly carry out sanitary measures to clean the surrounding area from garbage

16) Greened part of the perimeter🌲

17) We reduce the amount of paper used in the workflow by switching to online programs for the work of all employees 🌳

18) We do our best to reduce waste in the restaurant

19) We calculate the ecological footprint from various activities

Save our planet🙏🏽🌍

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